Under Water Beauties


Payments to the accomodation can be made at the day of arrival (recomended), during the stay or the night before departure. Excursions and restaurant payments should be made the night before departure. We do accept payments by cash, credit or debit cards.
By cash, we do accept Maldivian Rufiyaa(MVR), United States Dollar($) and Euro(€).
Since the local Banks charges an extra 5% of the total amount paid by the cards, payments by Credit or Debit cards can be accepted with an extra 5% of the total amount to pay.


There are quality restaurants in the island which delivers all styles of foods. Foods delivered by our restaurants are delicious and highly appreciated by our guests with 100% positive comments. Foods can either be delivered to the hotel or can have at the Restaurant.
There are 3 available options. 1. Alakarte (separate food item orders). 2. Half Board (a set meal menu for Dinner without drinks). 3. Full Baord (a set meal menu for Lunch and Dinner without drinks). If you choose drinks other than water, you have to make an extra paymnet for the drinks.
Payments can be made directly to the Restaurant after each meal or can make the payments to the hotel, together for all your meals at the night before departure.


At the time of arrival, one of our staff will be in front of the arrival gate (on request) to greet the guest. From there he/she will be transferred to the selected transfer option. The transfer options are; 1. Public Ferry. 2. Speed boat ferry and 3. Sea Plane. For more details please visit our Airport Transfer page.
Public Ferry is the common medium of local transport from Male' to Ukulhas and Ukulhas to Male'. Duration of the journey is (both ways) 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Speed Boat Ferry is the private medium of transport from Male' to Ukulhas and Ukulhas to Male'. Duration of the journey is (both ways) 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Sea Planes do not arrives to Ukulhas. It arrives to the near by resorts and from there guest has to hire a speed boat to reach us. Duration of Sea Plane is 15 to 20 minutes and from Sea Plane to us by speed boat is 20 to 30 minutes.


Hotel to the Beach by a normal walk would not be more than 2 minutes.
Yes, we have a bikini allowed private beach with umbrellas, beach chairs and beach tables. Lagoon of the beach is shallow and safe for the kids.
Our main road to the beach is beautifully designed with sign boards to identify weather it is a Local Beach or Tourist Beach. Beaches marked as Local Beach are for Locals and beaches marked as Tourist Beach are for tourists and also can wear bikini. Tourists can also visit the local beaches with a normal dress.


Since selling and using of Alcohols and Porks in local islands was prohibited by the Maldives law, you cannot get and use Alcohols and Porks. If you want any of this, you have to visit a near by resort.
Even though Bikini is not allowed in local islands, guests can use it in private beaches and tourist beaches. There is no chance to wear a bikini in any public areas and if it happens that will be punishable.
During the month of Ramazan, having foods and drinks in public places and roads are against the law. Foods and drinks were only allowed inside the hotel. Those who disobeys the rule will be punishable.


Since our community was a 100% muslim community, all our guests has to respect the Islamic Religion. No one should try to violate or raise any problems against the islamic communty and religion. And also no one should try to perform their religion in this Islamic Society. Even though our community was Islamic, you are free to be here.
Our cultural events could only be visible during our Eids. One is the next day after the month of Ramazan and will last for 3 days. Second one is the day after the Hajj day and will last for a week. During both Eids lot of cultural items will be perfomed. All our guests can join all these events with respect to the community and culture.
We have our own medium of communication with unique Lnguage of our own. Dhivehi language, the origin is said to be Sinhalese from Sri Lanka is the one we use, hence we are the only country in the world who is using Dhivehi Language. So, Dhehivehi Language is proudly owned by Maldives.

Money Exchange

Other than the Hotel, money can be exchange from all local shops and restaurants.
For Euro we do not have a fixed rate and the rate fluctuates. Therefore price can be considered to the day of exchange. 1 USD = 15.42 MVR. Ones and Five dollars is culculating as 1 USD = 10 MVR
No, we do not have any ATM machine to withdraw money, but still can make the payments by Cards. Because we have POS machines.